December 03, 2009

The Power of Study

This is the latest book written by Professor Takashi Saito. He explained here how interesting and helpful studying is. Especially, he insisted on the importance of reading the classics. For an example, he picked up the ancient Chinese classic, Rongo. He said it was well worth reading. Whenever you fall into some severe situations, the words in Rongo will encourage and support you. Studying and learning something new even when you're getting older makes your soul keep young. He called himself as a cultivated navigator. So I will follow him.
"Benkyou ryoku"

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December 01, 2009

How to Become Smarter through Speed Learning

This Japanese-written book's author is a famous photoreading instructor, Yoshihiro Sono. Though he'd been one of the top instructors, he stopped teaching photoreading a few years ago. He wrote here he wondered why some students failed to acquire the method during his instructor days. After consideration, he found his new way for anyone to read and learn steadily. His method for speed learning has four steps; first, prepared-mind-setting: second, priming: third, reading: fouth, memorizing. The reading part contains three parts such as skimming-reading, target-reading and tracing-reading. His method of four-step learning as well as three-part reading is really interesting. Through his method, you will read a book repeatedly. Then it surely makes the contents fix in your mind. That's so cool, isn't it? It's well worth reading.
"Atama ga yokunaru mahou no sokushuuhou"

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November 29, 2009

Miracle Apples

This Japanese-written book is a non-fiction story of a farmer, Akinori Kimura. He achieved to grow apple trees without pesticides after millions of failures. Most farmers said he was crazy because it would be impossible to grow the plants in the way. Apples are irresistant against bugs and diseases. But he did. He finally grasped the divine providence. "Every living creature is a part of the universe." I was really hit by his words. I am a part of the universe. It is meaningful.
"Kiseki no ringo"

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